Welcome to the Preborn Christ website and blog and thank you for visiting. This maybe a life-changing choice to come here if you wish it to be. Know that new content and improvements will occur nearly daily.

Here we recognize every person as called to be an active member of the Body of Christ. As such, each person is affirmed by the Incarnation of Christ from His conception as a single cell person in the womb to those who live the last of their natural life. Among the Baptized and others, because we practice the surrender of our lives to Jesus, we constitute the on-going incarnation of the Body of Christ with Jesus as our head. The on-going conceptions of new people and their subsequent development and birth from the womb are also the on-going incarnation of Jesus Christ, the Preborn Christ.

At present, persons in the womb are singled out as non-persons in law nearly throughout the world in direct contradiction to the witness of Jesus Christ’s passage through the womb of a woman. What you did not do for one of these least ones, you did not do for me. Matthew 25:45 The lack of legal personhood promotes, encourages, and protects wide-scale and intentional destruction of persons in the womb. The love and presence of Jesus in the womb make clear His intentions that He not lose a single one of His members of the Body of Christ and hence, He lives solidarity with them in the womb. The indwelling of Jesus in each of us is experienced in all in the womb as well. Do we know this Jesus who cares so much for even the least in our world?

This website and blog will endeavor to help us know better this Jesus Christ of the womb, the Preborn Christ that we may better reveal Him and magnify Him in our lives.

To accomplish this mission, we are building this website to provide educational material. Additionally, there is a blog with a minimum of three posts per week according to this schedule, each addressing the respective topic:

Sundays – News, facts, and opinion on the culture
Tuesdays – Spiritual Formation toward devotion to the Preborn Christ
Thursdays – Parental Tips for Forming a Catholic Family

The peace of Jesus in the womb of Mary be with you.

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