Preborn Christ Communion Prayer

Preborn Christ Communion Prayer

The Preborn Christ Communion Prayer below is one means of expressing the relationship between God and a bearer of Christ. It is based in scripture and conveys the closeness of God to us at all times. He is so close that He is within us and wants to share our flesh. He knows we were created to share in His Tri-fold mission as Priest, Prophet, and King. He can lead us into the fullness of life and love in the Most Blessed Trinity. He knows us better than we know ourselves. Since each of our conceptions, He has gazed upon each of us as the glory of God we are.

There are parts of this prayer that may strike you in particular. If so, pause for a moment and consider what you are reading. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you use the affirmation or insight to fulfilling your true nature. We each have a purpose in this life and God is here to help us find it and live it. The greatest aspect of the Blessed Virgin Mary is not that she was the Mother of God as singularly great as that is. The fulfillment of the Blessed Virgin Mary as Mother of God is as great as it is because it was Mary seeking to do the Father’s Will. It is repeated in scripture over and over again, the power behind our works is there when the works is the Father’s will. The works will be anointed from heaven above.

Preborn Christ Communion Healing Prayer
By Patrick O’Donnell, SFO     May 4, 2011

Jesus said, “He who does the will of the Father is My brother, sister, and mother.”[1]

Offered before Mass and receiving Communion:

Blessed Virgin Mary, the Immaculate Conception,
Mother of God, our Mother, my Mother,
I beg for your intercession,
in asking that the Holy Spirit, your spouse,
to come upon me and overshadow me
with the power of the Most High, Almighty God;[2]
that, through you and in you,
I may (in liturgy and sacrament) conceive of Christ,
be pregnant with Christ,
that Christ may implant within me,
that we may labor until Christ is formed within me,[3]
and that I may birth Christ into the world and into others.

Offered after receiving Communion or after Mass:

Jesus Christ, Word[4], seed that can save souls,
   I humbly welcome You into this body.[5]
This body is not mine. It is Yours.
   You have purchased it
   at the price of Your blood.[6]
Through the mercy of God,
I surrender this body to You
     as my holy and living sacrifice,[7]
     as a temple of the Holy Spirit[8]
     not built by human hands.[9]
I am God’s building[10].
May I glorify God in my body and
            in the bodies of others.[11]

Jesus, You are in the Father and
I am in You and You are in me.[12]
   You have emptied Yourself and
         taken the form of a slave.[13]
   yet, You who are in me
      are greater than the one who is in the world;[14]
   and with You, all things are possible.[15]
I believe, help me in my unbelief.[16]

I have conceived of you, Jesus, and
I am pregnant with You.
I ask that You now implant Yourself into
   my body;
   my inner chamber[17], my spiritual womb;
   into my thoughts, words, and deeds;
   my desires, imagination, and memories;
   my passions, intellect, and will;
   my joys, sadness, angers, fears,
          guilt and shames.
 Implant yourself in all my anxieties and grief;
    my hurts, my losses, and my wounds.

Optional in brackets
 [Implant Yourself into
    my temptation and desire to sin.
Implant Yourself in my (name your wound(s)) and
  in my tendency, temptation and
                   desire to (name your sin(s)).]

You who did not know sin was made sin for our sake[18];
   implant Yourself within my temptation to sin and
   my very sins against God, my neighbor, and on myself;
bringing your spirit of healing, reconciliation, and
Implant Yourself in all the aspects and circumstances of
my life, the choices I make, the habits I hold onto and
      the relationships I keep.
May You increase while I decrease.[19]
May we two become one in this flesh.[20]

When we are crucified in this body,
by the nails of obedience, chastity, poverty, and solidarity;
   it is no longer I who is living,
   but it is You, Christ, who is living within me.[21]
In so far as I live my human life in the flesh,
   I live a life of faith in You, Jesus, the Son of God,
   who has loved me and has died for me.[22]

You have rescued me and call me to a life of holiness;
   not according to my own desires or works, but
   according to Your designs and           
   the grace bestowed on me.[23]

May I continue to repent and believe[24], and
submit to Your graces and designs.
May I remember that in pursuing righteousness,
  the reproaches and insults of those who insult me
     fall upon You.[25]
It is not what is suffered that redeems and heals;
but rather it is who suffers that redeems and heals[26].

Because of the increase of evildoing,
            my love has grown cold.[27]
Replace my stony heart with a natural heart[28],
   a child’s heart;[29]
   a humble and contrite heart;[30] and
renew in me a steadfast spirit[31]
that I may love God with all my being,[32] and
that I may love my neighbor as You have loved me;[33]
   praying for our enemies and[34]
laying my life down for our friends.[35]

My body is a member of the (Mystical) Body of Christ[36]
   and I am uniting my spirit to You,[37]  
Jesus, who is our head, [38]
to become one with You.[39]

More than Your brother, sister, or mother,
I desire to be Your true disciple;
   who hears and keeps the word of God.[40]

With the help of Thy grace,
   may I obey Your commands, Jesus, in order that
      I may know and do the will of the Father;[41]
      that my soul may magnify the greatness of the Lord;[42]
      and that I may, in this body,
        complete what is lacking in the sufferings of Christ
        on behalf of His body, the Church,[43]
for my salvation and the salvation of others.

And all for the glory of the Father, Son, and
                        the Holy Spirit
   in the most Blessed Holy Trinity.  Amen.

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Peace of Jesus in the womb of Mary be with you.

© 2019 Patrick A. O’Donnell All Rights Reserved

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