Building Faith Through Building A Catholic Library

Building Faith Through Building A Catholic Library


Purchase a good Catholic Catechism for your children to grow up and arrange a time to walk through it with them.

Books Can Be a Catholic Experience

A library of books on a nearby shelf that can be readily thumbed through or read is crucial to a child’s upbringing as well as for a family. Even in this era of electronics, books hold a particular purpose in a Catholic home. Within the library, spiritual and religious books should have their space. These books should include age-appropriate material that provides for Bible stories, stories of the Saints, common prayers, and a Catechism of the Faith.

A library of books and their content become a reference point for the family and for growth of children. The books help set a tone and sense of definition of family and values for a child. The presence of Catholic books help convey to children that you value the Catholic faith and become a resource for children to find on their own answers about growing up.

A Catechism of the Catholic Church with a useful glossary and index is essential reference material for a child who will have questions of the Faith. Reference to the Catechism in everyday situations helps a child learn that all moments of life have a spiritual dimension.

A Point Of Parent/Child Engagement

It is also valuable to have-on-hand a systemic presentation of the Faith. It can also prove to be an excellent means for parents to present and discuss the Faith with their child. To help encourage the child, parents should set aside time regularly to look at, read, and talk about the stories and lessons contained therein. Bedtime is also a time for parents to introduce and share these books.

Can books compete with the electronics or television? Do they have to compete? A child needs a parent to help establish and teach reasonable boundaries. Structure family time in a manner that such competition does not dictate family priorities. Once a schedule is set, consistent adherence is needed. Exceptions ought to be rare and only for good or unavoidable reasons. You and your child will be better for it.

Provide Your Child With That Firm Foundation

Take note that your children are growing up in a world quite a bit different from the world of your childhood. The level of technology is different, the culture is more complex and diverse, and there is a strain of adolescence that now challenges the formerly adult attitude of years past. Religious truths provide the stable foundation to assess cultural changes that have and will guide people to respond with personal integrity.

What Catechism Serves The Purpose?

One good Catechism is the St. Joseph’s Baltimore Catechism Series inclusive of a 1) First Communion book, 2) a child’s Catechism, and 3) an adolescent’s Catechism. This series provides a solid understanding of the Faith. The pictures may seem dated for some, but they all convey truths that in some cases have been run-over by our culture, i.e., modesty. Each copy cost less than ten dollars.

Another good catechism, though more pricey, is from the YouCat series.

These suggested catechisms provide growth beyond a single year as is a typical limitation for many of the books offered through the parish religious education programs. Also, each has an index and glossary that help with vocabulary.

Learning Does Not Stop With Age

Many have found that religious education classes and books prove to be deficient in presenting the Faith while the official Catechism of the Catholic Church book seems onerous in breadth of content as well in pure bulk of weight in paper. A more modestly-sized Catechism book, such as the Baltimore Catechism, can fill-in gaps in knowledge that even an adult may carry with them – gaps in knowledge one may otherwise be blind to suffering.

A Catechism on a family library’s shelf is the first step in a child reading it outside the traditional school year. Reading the Catechism helps nurture the indwelling presence of Jesus.

Peace of Jesus in the womb of Mary be with you.

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