How Serious A Sin Is Contraceptive Use?

How Serious A Sin Is Contraceptive Use?

In America and almost the world-over, the start of a sexually active life and the need and reliance on contraceptives is practically a rite of passage from adolescence to adulthood. First contraceptive use is rarely celebrated in the same manner as graduations or Confirmations are celebrated; but contraception use is encouraged from most corners as a means of taking responsibility for one’s behavior, a step toward and into adulthood.

This opinion is nearly universally accepted by people across the globe, along with the medical establishments and almost all institutions. Even among many religious entities, contraceptive use is applauded as a good. Widespread acceptance and understanding do not make something true. Usually, it is the truth of something that supports popular acceptance. Sometimes popular acceptance precedes knowledge and understanding of many facts underlying the subject of an opinion. When this happens, the precast opinion can stifle further reflection and reconsideration of the matter.

Contraception may be one such subject where the fact of one’s desire form an opinion before facts of science and medicine are considered, much less accepted. How many women sit down before using the contraceptive pill and read the disclosure form that comes with the prescription where its method of operation, its warnings of side effect, its effectiveness, and its proper usage is explained in some detail? How many instead opted to peruse the summary pamphlet that may accompany the prescription or instead will settle for the brief explanation of use and precautions voiced by the doctor or pharmacist?

Contraceptives are believed to be among the most widely used prescriptions with the least understanding of the prescription by the user. Contraceptives also have a profound effect that goes well beyond the physical effects. The turning to and reliance on contraceptives in one’s life affects the whole person and all of their relationships. The whole person is affected in terms of values, personal outlook, the orientation and view by the user of other people, and even how they believe how other people should live or not live. As it is often said that a pregnancy can change everything; acceptance of contraception does change everything. It is the contraceptive mentality that is so far-reaching. The actual use of the contraceptive is incidental to the contraceptive mentality. It is the adoption of a contraceptive mentality that corrupts the spirit of the person, along with the body of the person, and life is devalued.

The wonderment of life is natural for the infant and toddler. The young child delights in playing with a puppy, in first encountering a flower, and in the sight of another baby. These are natural delights of a child open to the possibilities. The child does not question why the puppy was born or why there are flowers, or why the parents of a child did not use protection.

In truth, many people are working and getting paid to change the toddler’s attitudes toward contraception at ever younger ages. There are expensive marketing commitments and campaigns aimed at and by public and governmental institutions, religious and social institutions, non-profit corporations, big media, educational institutions, and even the technology/internet complex to affect all attitudes toward accepting contraceptives, even the toddlers’. These are determined, calculated, and well-funded efforts that expend hundreds of thousands of dollars on as seemingly inconsequential matters as the color of brochures and logos used toward their goal. These efforts are not incidental to the marketing of contraception to adults; rather, it is the grooming of children to suppress the natural openness to life for fear of new life.

The lie here is that the suppression of the natural can be limited to only the child’s openness to new life. It is a bit like saying that Adam and Eve’s sin did not have an effect beyond their attitude toward the fruit of the tree. In reality, it was their openness to disobedience that corrupted Adam and Eve. The actual eating of the fruit was incidental to their attitude toward eating the fruit. It was the disordered desire to be like god’s themselves in setting their own boundaries that were the point of Adam and Eve’s first corruption that set off a chain reaction that now has all of creation awaiting our redemption from sin. Consider Romans 8:19-22:

For creation awaits with eager expectation
the revelation of the children of God;
for creation was made subject to futility,
not of its own accord but because of the one who subjected it,
in hope that creation itself would be set free from slavery to corruption
and share in the glorious freedom of the children of God.
We know that all creation is groaning in labor pains even until now;

Whatever happened to the first commandment God gave to all men and women recorded in Genesis 1:28, Be fertile and multiply; fill the earth and subdue it.

Efforts to normalize contraception still stumble to the awkwardness of many teenagers with respect to their maturing body and in their relationships. Contraception stumbles in being normalized also because of its own inherent deficiencies to live up to its promise. But most of all, the normalization of contraception fails because it is not natural to the human being.

Peace of Jesus in the womb of Mary be with you.

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