Here we begin to meditate, explore, develop, and promote a devotion to the Preborn Christ. It is truly right and just to give honor and glory and praise to Jesus Christ in the womb of His Blessed Mother Mary. This devotion in the honor of the Preborn Christ is a call to deepen our intimacy with our Saviour enabling us to grow, as His children, in His wisdom, grace, understanding, and right reason. Additionally, by honoring Jesus Christ in the womb, we learn more about Him – He, who is “the way, and the truth, and the life,” He, who humbled Himself to be born of the Virgin Mary and became man. He did His Father’s will and became one of us, in every way but sin, to teach us by personal example about His, the one and only, way. We come His chosen way, via the womb, into the world. During our earthly journey, we allow Him, to mold us as His spiritual children, and to lead us, out of this world, via natural death, to our eternal home.

With love and knowledge of Jesus Christ incarnate from the moment of the Blessed Virgin Mary’s fiat “YES” to God, we can, with God’s grace, become holy, like Our Heavenly Father, expounding upon the Truth and allowing Him to nurture us, just as He was nurtured in the womb of His Mother. As His growing spiritual children with a deepening of love and prayer, may we serve God willingly,with the heart of a child, in His honor and with love and service of our neighbor.

There will be prayer, study, and sharing of individual community actions done in union with and in service to the Preborn Christ. Sources, beyond prayer and experience, will include:

the teachings and Traditions of the Catholic Church,
Holy Scripture,
writings of the Early Church Fathers and Saints of the Church, and
turning to other fields of study such as embryology, psychology and even art for examples.

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Please feel free to share with a family member or friend so that devotion to Preborn Christ may be made well-known and loved throughout the world! God bless you!

Glory and praise to the Preborn Christ!