While with others on a pilgrimage to Medjugorje,  I was surprised when we were going to our third Mass in three days.  It was a weekday Mass no less.  I remember going over it in my mind accepting that it wasn’t such a  dreadful thing to be doing.  I admitted that in fact there was little else to do there but to focus on God and my relationship to Him.  It was my first retreat, so such thoughts are understandable.


I continued to go to Mass each day that week, and I followed the encouragements of the priests and other leaders to participate in Mass more actively than I was accustomed.  For each Mass, I did bring a particular matter to the altar in prayer and listened intently through the readings, prayers and moments of silence.  I began to hear God’s voice and see His hand active in my life and addressing matters I brought up.  God also brought up matters of His concern for me.


By the end of the week I began to realize that the Sunday Mass obligation was not too much Mass for me, it instead was too little Mass for me.  I would say that I committed myself to attending Mass every day but that I wanted to go to Mass…I thirst to be present with our Lord Liturgically and Sacramentally always.


Weekday Mass is simply a different experience of Liturgy than is offered Sunday and all are encouraged to try it for a week.