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There Can Be Recovery From Perpetual Adolescence

Part II of II

A week or two after a giving a talk on the consequences of abortion and on the resources available for healing after an abortion, I was approached by a woman who had an abortion well over a decade ago.  She expressed sincere interest in what I described as the halting of one’s maturing process at the point of having an abortion or beginning to rely on contraception.  The phrase that stayed with her was “perpetual adolescence” as a consequence of abortion.

She expressed how she felt that perpetual adolescence best expressed how she had lived and that she had recently realized that it was unhealthy for herself to live this way.  She told me she wanted to begin to grow up with the ability to care for others in an adult and genuinely caring manner.

I explained that I received the teaching on this concept from Dr. Theresa Burke and I still needed to find more resources that addressed recovery from perpetual adolescence.   As I understood the topic, there just were not many resources then available.

I did ask her if she has admitted honestly to herself her responsibility in the abortion.  She said yes.

I asked her if she understood that it was wrong for her to have the abortion and why it was wrong.  She explained to me that she did realize it was wrong and why it was wrong.

I asked if she had sought to make it right with God and her child.  She told me she had.

She was then asked if she was now including her child in her prayers, thoughts, and life.   She said yes while telling me that her child is with her always.

I then asked if she had begun to see other areas of her life that have been adversely affected by her failure to take responsibilities for her actions and she said she had.

I noted that she had also been involved in outreach to help those who are vulnerable to abortion.   I finished with telling her that I didn’t have any professional’s documentation for recovery from perpetual adolescence but that I felt she had returned to that point when she had the abortion.  She had taken responsibility for the abortion where she had not taken responsibilities for her child.  And she had begun to make amends for her lapse that had cost her child’s life.  I didn’t have the professional there to back me up, but I assured her that she had begun to grow the moment she returned to the abortion to take responsibility for her role in it.  It was then that she had already achieved considerable healing and she was on the path of growth that now has her even practicing outreach for others.  She had unwittingly been doing all the right things and was growing into an actual adult mother and woman.

The same can be done by many others of us who have turned away from responsibility and turned instead to rely on contraception, an addiction, building on an unhealthy relationship, remaining silent when asked to be accountable for what you did, turning to pornography, or one of countless other ways of dodging  the consequences of our actions.

We need to ask for the grace to see in what ways each of us may have lapsed in our accountability for our own actions.  We must then pray for the fortitude to return to the point of our earlier lapse with a renewed determination to make amends for its harmful consequences.  Our salvation and our life depend on our returning to shoulder our real responsibilities.    Perpetual adolescence can be overcome by grace and real growth into adulthood.

Glory and praise to the Preborn Christ!

Perpetual Adolescence The Most Serious Consequence?

Part I  of II

Today, July 25, is the 45th anniversary of the Encyclical Humanae Vitae.

This may be the document represents the Catholic Teaching that is our present day fault-line.  The practice of artificial contraception has brought the cultural divide between Catholics and others right into the Church itself.

Along with widespread dissension in practice has come a severe abuse of the teaching and understanding of following one’s informed and truth-searching conscience.  It has always been true, in part that the Church has taught that you must follow your conscience.  But it is wrong to suggest that this alone represents the Church Teaching on matters of conscience.  The Church and your salvation require you to seek truth always and remain open to the truth when you find it.  Has the truth of Church Teaching on contraceptive been so elusive to those who claim to be following their conscience, or has the truth been rejected to pave the way to satisfy an urge that is far less understood than the Teaching?  How many people are controlled by their sexual urges, rather than demonstrating a true mastery over the urges?  Whatever one does not master will only serve to enslave.

Relying on artificial contraception is an easy and deceptively flawed alternative to self-mastery.  Giving one’s responsibility over to dangerous and faulty technology is reflective of both human nature and an era where we have been conditioned to question God existence and man’s purpose, but to welcome technology as the savior of life and the quality of life.

Artificial Contraception has posed a formidable challenge to responsible sexual relations within marriage alone by giving a false illusion that one can safely and surely evade the consequences associated with a reproductive act, namely reproduction of the human species in the form of a baby.  Such deception leads us to what may be the most dire consequence of artificial contraception, that being the deception of evading consequences of one’s actions.

Dr. Theresa Burke, Founder of Rachel’s Vineyard, has explained that when one has sought to evade responsibility, particularly one as serious as matters of reproduction, pregnancy, and a new life, the person’s psychology can be affected concerning all duties.  In further explanation, she spoke of a child being dependent on an adult.  An adult is one who, in addition to taking care of one’s self, can take care of others.  An adolescent is growing from that childhood stage to adulthood but hasn’t yet attained adulthood.  The adolescent has begun to take on responsibilities for self but has not yet fully embraced the responsibility of caring for another.  To think one has successfully evaded the consequences of one’s actions will stop the emotional maturation process until the individual returns to assume the responsibilities of the matter or consequences earlier eluded.

The maturation process can be stopped while the person continues to grow chronologically and in knowledge.  It is the maturation of the psycho-emotional aspect of the person that suffers the stagnation.  This is all particularly pronounced when the responsibility is evaded during adolescence.   Thus, we have chronological adults who are emotionally in their adolescence.  If responsibility for one’s actions is never assumed and shouldered, the individual may live a life of perpetual adolescence where accountability is actually sought to be passed onto others for other matters.  It is a form of a disintegration of the person from one’s actions.

Both contraception and abortion can have perpetual adolescence as a consequence.

Glory and praise to the Preborn Christ!

Part II will be made available late on July 26, 2013.

A Baseline for Healing

Sidewalk Counseling outside abortion clinics is a tool of outreach to pregnant mothers who are considering or being coerced into aborting their child or are determined to do the same.  In such outreach, the mother is presented with knowledge of just what her options are the comprehensive assistance that is available to support her decision for life, and encouragement for her spirit for life that may be faltering.

That maybe articulated reasons for sidewalk counseling and each is true.  Sidewalk Counseling also contributes to hope and healing for the post-abortive person.  Those who go for an abortion, along with those who accompany, drive, pay for, encourage the abortion in any way, or even coerce a mother into having an abortion need both hope and healing that only God can provide.

Dr. Theresa Burke, the Founder of the post-abortion ministry Rachel’s Vineyard, has said that those who are offering outreach to the abortion-bound provide for that person a base-line of truth that contributes positively to the admission of truth by the post-abortive of what really happened in the abortion and their recovery from the abortion.  Those sidewalk counselors may be the only person(s) in the life of the post-abortive who acknowledge the life of the preborn child.  They may be the only source in the world of the post-abortive that affirms that there is a problem with the unresolved abortion and can provide direction toward hope, healing, and recovery.  One must recognize the problem before a solution can be offered.  But once the problem is identified, the right solution must then be applied.  Sidewalk counselors among the small and growing numbers of people who can help in this regard.



Contraceptives: Cancer-Causing Agents

Contraceptives that use the combined steroidal hormones of Estrogen and Progestin cause cancer in humans and the World Health Organization lists them as Group One Carcinogens that causing cancer in humans. These contraceptives that cause cancer in humans include:

• Oral Contraceptives (The Pill);

• Depo-Provera (The Shot);

• Vaginal Ring (NuvaRing);

• The Patch;

• Injectables  (Implanon, Norplant); and

• IUD  (LNg).

The International Agency for Research on Cancer is a research arm of the World Health Organization with its primary purpose is to identify causes of cancer. The International Agency for Research on cancer has listed the Combined Hormone Contraceptives listed above as Group One Carcinogenic. Group One is carcinogenic to humans whereas the next group, Group 2a, is probably carcinogenic to humans.

The cancer scare is often difficult to understand with so many agents of concern and conflicting studies on the measure of danger.

In the case, there is no doubt among the top doctors in the world, that these Contraceptives with Combined Hormones do cause cancer in humans and are dangerous.

See: and

Glory and praise to the Preborn Christ!