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Breaching the Abyss

For all of the challenges that sidewalk counselors outside an abortion clinic who provide outreach confronts, it is no wonder that they can suffer at times a creeping sense of futility.   Sidewalk Counselors all have an understanding that their presence has a much greater positive impact than is apparent on the surface.   The truth of the living person in the womb is acknowledged and shared with the parent(s) and the community.   Prayer for the immediate concern is offered along with any, and all assistance that the mother and child perceive they need is made known and available to the parents.  Among many other accomplishments is the powerful effect of holding back untold evil.  Abortion is a sign of lawlessness in a crumbling society.  The sidewalk counselor is helping to hold back evil through the good accomplished and by reminding society that there is such a battle of good and evil.  Staking one’s actions to the goodness of preserving life keeps the cause and hope of good alive.  We have no idea what evil hasn’t transpired because there is someone with some grip on the reigns of evil impeding its march to some degree.

Pray for the sidewalk counselors in their mission and for their success.  And pray their ranks to be blessed with growing numbers of people’s prayerful, bodily presence outside these abortion centers.

A Baseline for Healing

Sidewalk Counseling outside abortion clinics is a tool of outreach to pregnant mothers who are considering or being coerced into aborting their child or are determined to do the same.  In such outreach, the mother is presented with knowledge of just what her options are the comprehensive assistance that is available to support her decision for life, and encouragement for her spirit for life that may be faltering.

That maybe articulated reasons for sidewalk counseling and each is true.  Sidewalk Counseling also contributes to hope and healing for the post-abortive person.  Those who go for an abortion, along with those who accompany, drive, pay for, encourage the abortion in any way, or even coerce a mother into having an abortion need both hope and healing that only God can provide.

Dr. Theresa Burke, the Founder of the post-abortion ministry Rachel’s Vineyard, has said that those who are offering outreach to the abortion-bound provide for that person a base-line of truth that contributes positively to the admission of truth by the post-abortive of what really happened in the abortion and their recovery from the abortion.  Those sidewalk counselors may be the only person(s) in the life of the post-abortive who acknowledge the life of the preborn child.  They may be the only source in the world of the post-abortive that affirms that there is a problem with the unresolved abortion and can provide direction toward hope, healing, and recovery.  One must recognize the problem before a solution can be offered.  But once the problem is identified, the right solution must then be applied.  Sidewalk counselors among the small and growing numbers of people who can help in this regard.